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Website/Application Design & Development

Website/Application Design & Development

TechZoni has huge experience in website designing/development . All the team members are well versed in newer technology

TechZoni offer web application on below technologies

PHP | Angular | React.js | Node.js

Custom Application Development

TechZoni is community supporter/contributor of various open source technologies which includes
PHP | Java | Python

CMS/Framework we have expertise are:

WordPress | Drupal | Magento | Laravel


In order to support the cutting edge technologies we also help our clients to build the chatbots using smart AI based technologies such as dialogueflow. This will help our customers to have their own chatbots.

Working Process

TechZoni Consulting understands that to help meet client challenges and opportunities successfully in a global economy

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If you either have your business/portfolio the in the digital era you must have your not your own digital footprints but it should act as an weapon for scale your business with ease with cutting edge technologies. TechZoni is committed to provide best in class support/ guidance for your business to grow with advance digital capability. You can always reach us at [email protected]
We will ensure that we can provide best in class support/assistance/help to upgrade you to the next level.