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Managing MicroServices on Kubernates

What is microservices

A microservice is an independently deployable unit of code which perform specific set of tasks and follows the principle of scalable, resilient and secure architecture.

How to make the application scalable?

In order to support scalability of a microservice we may containerize the application and take advantage of container orchestration platform which helps automatically scale up or down based on current workload.

How does kubernates helps application to scale up/down


In order to run microservices based architecture on kubernates, you need to work on following:-

  • Kubernates cluster: which consists of master node and worker node
  • Deployment which will create workload
  • Service which will expose the deployment , Here each microservice will be exposed as service.
  • Ingress : If you want to connect your application through certain domain then you will be using ingress and exposing the APIs




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