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Driving Digital Innovation And Tech-enabled Transformation

Techzoni specializes in providing innovative and cost-effective IT services to help our clients overcome today’s business challenges and be ready for what comes tomorrow.

    Driving Digital
    Innovation And Tech -

    enabled Transformation

    Techzoni specializes in providing innovative and cost-effective IT services to help our clients overcome today’s business challenges and be ready for what comes tomorrow.

      Areas we serve:

      TechZoni uses cutting edge technology that helps our customers to be ahead in upcoming business challenges. As an IT company in India we help in consulting and development of enterprise IT for our small and medium business

      Cloud Services

      We have huge experience in migration, modernization and cloud architecture on public cloud like AWS, GCP with cost efficiency in mind.

      Development & Maintenance

      After 18+ years of experience we understood the pain point of project development and maintenance. We have highly experienced team that will deliver your project efficiently.

      Staffing & Consulting

      We provide consultancy and development for your business and also provides trained technical resource as full/part time.

      The TechZoni Story

      Focused on Google Cloud (GCP), AWS based solutions for your mobile or web related IT workloads

      TechZoni got established after 20+ years of experience in IT industry which harnesses the power of technology to help clients unlock their business intelligence to achieve increased agility, reduce costs, and compete more effectively today and tomorrow. TechZoni embraces innovative technologies, taking a solution-oriented approach, to allow our clients to realize measurable benefits to their operations and bottom line.
      We help you define the future you would like to see bringing forward the skilled professionals and technologies needed to make that vision a reality.

      Why Techzoni:

      We believe in exclusive solutions for all business related technical challenges by providing unique and scalable system for your business.
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      Global Consulting:

      We have already spend 20+ years in IT industry with global customers, having exposure on latest and cutting edge solution and tech savvy.

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      GCP/AWS Cloud Services

      TechZoni is right connect to save your money and design your infra and application architecture as per your requirement.

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      Website/Application Design & Development

      We don’t just craft web pages; we craft an ‘Experience’.

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      Mobile App Development

      Mobile App Development Services based in India, we offer rich set of mobile development experience

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      We provide cloud hosting for your applications across the world as per your customer locations

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      Digital Marketing

      We help our customers in digital marketing journey for their brand promotion

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      We provide full time/part time resources for your IT works…

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      Our Technology Strength

      We focus on open source and cutting edge technology for best in class technology at lowest cost for your business


      Node Js Development



      UI/UX Development


      Angular Js Development


      We help our clients make significant and realize their most important goals.


      Our world is at an inflection point, with technology transforming
      our clients, our profession, and society at large.

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